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Melissa is the founder of SAUMUR Interior & Styling on the Dutch wadden island of Ameland. A must-visit, if you ask me, because owner Melissa has such a nice style! I asked her a few questions. 

Can you tell us something about yourself?
As a little girl I was already very enterprising. When I was 21 I started my first real business as an interior designer. Since March 2020 I run my first SAUMUR boutique on my vacation island Ameland.

What is life like on an island?
Ameland is not where I grew up. I grew up in a village just below Rotterdam. As a 1 year old girl I celebrated my first vacation on the island. Every year we returned to the island as a family. 4 years ago I bought an apartment on Ameland to be able to make more of a combination between the busy city life and the quiet island life.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of SAUMUR?

The first word that comes to mind is Chanel. I named my company after the founder of Chanel. When you start your own business you often think of a very large starting capital but you can also start small and grow. Coco Chanel started making straw hats as an orphan and through her perseverance she got to where Chanel is now worldwide. 

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You have a background in interior design. 
What does good taste mean to you?

As an interior designer I think it's important to look closely at the wishes of the client. I translate these into an interior plan that is surprising and innovative. I think it's important to have a good basis with furniture and colors on the wall, so that accessories can give character to the space and can be changed so that the interior remains inspiring and exciting. Think of beautiful vases, cushions and my favorite Moments of Light products!

What inspires you?
What inspires me most is living on a Wadden Island combined with city life. The mix of following trends and giving it your own touch. I also find it very inspiring to spend hours making Pinterest moodboards.

Moments of Light Handwash en Showerfoam

We are in the middle of the Corona Pandemic. This brings challenges for all of us. How do you deal with this? 

Corona is a bad dream for everyone. But I think the beauty of it is that we as humanity are being pushed more to be happy with what we have. As an entrepreneur, I go e smoke this way. Do not want more than you have at this moment, but live more in the now. 

What experience would you never forget with SAUMUR?
Actually everything around my company SAUMUR.
Being able to do what makes me happy every day is a real gift to me.

What is your favorite Moments of Light product?
There are quite a few. In my kitchen I have the handsoap and in my bath I have the shower foam and bath salts. I also love giving these products as gifts to my friends and family.

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