Moments of Light

Terms of service

General Conditions

  1. Definitions In these general conditions the below terms have the following meaning:

    a. General conditions: these general conditions.
    b. Moments of Light, the creator of these general conditions. Further to be called Moments of Light. c. Client: any natural person or legal entity who will or have engaged a contractual relation with Moments of Light, in any form.
    d. Agreement: the agreement, of which the general conditions are part of, which describes the delivery of product by Moments of Light to the client.
    e. Product: a by Moments of Light offered good, for a financial compensation, like candles.
  2. Relevance
    2.1. On all offers, orders and contract with Moments of Light, these general conditions are applicable. These general conditions are submitted to the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and will be send by request free of charge. These general conditions are also available and downloadable on They also are available at the Moments of Light office.
    2.2. Accepting offers, ordering product or entering into a legal contract with Moments of Light, will automatically mean that these general conditions are accepted.
    2.3. Deviation of these general conditions can only be done by writing in mutual consent mentioning specific sections. All other contact of these general conditions will remain the same, and will only apply on the agreed upon orders, offers of contracts.
    2.4. Once these general conditions are in place, they will remain in place for future relations, unless specifically mentioned in a written manor.
    2.5. If any sections of the general conditions are void, deemed void, or declared inapplicable or their operation in whole or in part, the remaining sections will still be applicable and all void declared mutual agreed sections with the same scope of content.
    2.6. Any general conditions of clients of Moments of Light are not applicable on Moments of Light and are not accepted with emphasis by Moments of Light and will not be part of any offer, order of contract which Moments of Light will agree upon.
    2.7. The general conditions can be electronically changed at any time. The changes will also be applicable on existing agreements. The changes will take effect on a date set by Moments of Light. 2.8. All rights and claims, as stipulated in these general conditions and in future agreements in name of Moments of Light, will also be in effect on agreements made by intermediates or agents appointed by Moments of Light.
    2.9. If Moments of Light, during a short of long period of time, un- and/or tacit, accepts changes in these general conditions, will not imply that Moments of Light will not demand a strict compliance of these general conditions. You can never appeal that Moments of Light will be lenient towards these general conditions.


2.10. All offers will be noncommittal, unless stated otherwise in writing. Moments of Light expressively reserves the right to change prices, as stated in article 4. The offers are as accurate as possible and are based on the specifications, colours, sizes, etc., which are supplied by the client. On the order confirmation it is clearly stated what the financial implications and obligations are for the client and what the other rights and obligations are, once the offer is agreed upon. Offers have a validity of two weeks, unless specifically mentioned on the order.

 2.11. With the exception of cash payments en pre-payments, orders will not be accepted before Moments of Light has given an approval verbally, by fax, letter, e-mail of other medium, by way of an order confirmation.
2.12. Moments of Light is entitled to refuse orders or create additional stipulations for the respective order.
2.13. The order confirmation will contain all information on which the order will be executed. The client will check the confirmation explicitly and will report inaccuracies within five (5) working days. If these reports will not be filed within this term, the client is expressively not entitled to come back on this.
 2.14. In offers, orders, order confirmations or agreements have obvious writing mistakes, these will not be binding for Moments of Light. Moments of Light is entitled to changes these errors.
3. Quality and  color differences
3.1. Images, drawings and show models and samples, used on Moments of Light or third party offers, brochures, internet information, showrooms, stands and other similar are non-committal and as accurate as possible, but still are given a general impression and are non-binding for Moments of Light. Small color and quality differences on delivered models and show models can occur. The client cannot derive rights in this situation.
4. Pricing
4.1. All prices and price-offers are based on the factory and material prices, etc. which were applicable when the offer was agreed upon in a verbal or written manor.
 4.2. If after the date of the offer and/or verbal of written order or order confirmation, the manufacturing, material or other price inflators are effected to and increase, or if these circumstances effect the margins of Moments of Light, even if these changes are foreseeable, Moments of Light is entitled to change her prices, just before or after the final delivery is made, even if the pricing originally was made not without prejudice.
 4.3. If the increase of price is more than 25% of its original price, client is entitles to dissolve the order, but only if client send a judicial writing within three (3) working days of the date of the notice of increase. This dissolution will not give client the right for any financial or other compensation.
 4.4. If Moments of Light hires a third party for the execution of an agreement, and this third party increases her prices, Moments of Light is entitled to roll over these price increases to the client with immediate effect.
4.5. The by Moments of Light mentioned prices are always mentioned in Euro’s unless specifically mentioned differently, and are always exclusive applicable in the agreement mentioned other cost like transport and administration.
4.6. All direct and indirect cost which are realized by delays in preparation, manufacturing or delivery of product, caused by not sending instructions or announcements by client, are for clients account. De cost offered for such events by Moments of Light are binding for client.
5. Changes in or cancellation of an order
5.1. Changes made by clients on orders after its initial approval of the respective order, must be communicated in a clear and effective way to Moments of Light in a timely manner. This must be done in a written manor. Any cost which are realized by these changes will be charged towards the client.
 5.2. Client is liable for any cost made by Moments of Light if client cancels the order. Cost made of the preparation, storage, purchase, but not limited to these, as cost for compensation, 25% of the agreed price, this with Moments of Light losing any rights for full compensation of all damages realized by this cancellation.
5.3. Changes of cancellations of orders are not permitted if products are in transport for delivery.
5.4. Execution of verbal of phone urgent changes on current orders, is for the sole risk of client.
5.5. Changing current orders can lead to changes in the original delivery dates in which case for certain in article 8 mentioned conditions will apply.
6. Outsourcing to third parties
6.1. Moments of Light is entitled to outsource order of clients to third parties partially or as a whole. 7. Delivery
7.1. The delivery shall only be realized if client has fully compliant to all its payment obligations towards Moments of Light.
7.2. The by Moments of Light given delivery dates are always noncommittal and will always be perceived as a reference date and not as fatal date. Crossing the delivery date, in any case, does not give the client the right on damages, cancellation of the order, not complying to obligations, which may result out of the agreement, unless this results are caused by errors by third parties acting on Moments of Light behalf are not part of this.
 7.3. Delay in delivery on request of client can only be realized with written approval form Moments of Light, by e-mail. Any costs which may be realized by this delay are for clients account. The offer of cost presented by Moments of Light are binding for client.
 7.4. In any case, client is – except if client thinks Moments of Light has exceeded the delivery date – held to a written statement of default to Moments of Light and have given Moments of Light an additional fourteen (14) days to realize delivery.
 7.5. By exceeding a delivery date, a cancelation for specialized product for client is never possible. All damages for client due to crossing the delivery date, always applicable, next to text above, also article 13 of the general conditions.
7.6. Place of delivery is stated on the order confirmation. Changes of delivery place will be obligatory communicated at least ten (10) working days before delivery, per e-mail to Moments of Light with a full new address for delivery. The change of delivery address will only be in effect with a full agreement of Moments of Light per e-mail. All cost made by Moments of Light to realize these changes are for clients account.
7.7. Moments of Light carries the risk of damages or loses during transport of the product. Once client officially receives the product in their or third parties warehouse, the risk is carried over to the client. If one or multiple products are missing, client is obliged the cooperate in an investigation. If client does not cooperate, Moments of Light is entitled to relate all cost to client.
8. Suspension and termination
8.1. In case that client: a. fails, partially fails or does not timely satisfy its obligations, which are stated in the agreement of other contracts with Moments of Light, including financial obligations, or any other obligations with regards to article 5; b. is effected by a confiscation of product; c. applies for a bankruptcy itself, or by a third party; d. applies for a moratorium; e. stop sits company or liquidates; f. is put under reign of administration, if similar; g. settles payment arrangements without consulting Moments of Light with creditors or third party debts, after the payment term of Moments of Light, client will be put in default and entitles Moments of Light without consulting any legal persons to cancel the order partially or whole by written notice, without Moments of Light  becoming liable for any compensation in any form. All rights will remain as is with Moments of Light and Moments of Light will be entitled to claim all products delivered to client of which the deed in article 9 described retention, and keeping the right for full compensation.
8.2. In all cases, as mentioned in article 1, all claims which Moments of Light has or will have towards client are immediately due and payable.
9. Retention of title
9.1. All delivered product will go into retention of client, only if client has fully complied with all obligations of the agreement and especially with regards to the financial obligations towards Moments of Light, which are agreed upon in the agreement which led to the delivery of the products, or any other agreements which have led to delivery of the products, or any receivables by client for any shortcomings on the agreements.
9.2. Until client has fully and properly complied with all its obligations, all products remain property of Moments of Light. The client is not entitled to sell the products or pond products in any manor, of factually empower third parties to the products without written approval from Moments of Light. 9.3. The client is obliged to present the product mentioned in this article in case of payment default even in case of cancelation as mentioned in article 10, and if asked to return the product immediately to Moments of Light.
 9.4. The client will also be obliged to give full proxy to Moments of Light to enter client’s location and all buildings in which client has product, to inspect the product and in certain cases also return the product.
 9.5. In case of this article returned product will be credited by Moments of Light, but only if the product is undamaged and usable for Moments of Light. The price of creditation customs in the marketplace, and minus all outstanding payment to Moments of Light, and within article 10 mentioned attribution of payment.
10. Payment and cost
10.1. Payment must be made to a by Moments of Light appointed bank account before delivery (pro forma), unless other payment terms have been mutually agreed in writing.
10.2. If client has placed its order via a purchase cooperation, payment must be done within 15 days after invoice date to a by the purchase cooperation appointed bank account. Once the payment term has passed, point 1 of this article will become effective, taking the previous 15 days into account. 10.3. The client is not entitled to settle any outstanding invoices with any claims on Moments of Light, nor is the client entitled to seize itself or its entity.
10.4. If client didn’t pay within the term set in section 1, client ought to be in legal default and, without a summon of default notice, from the due date till the day the total outstanding amount is paid, client is due interest (equal to trade), and Moments of Light will not lose any of its rights.
 10.5. If client does not fulfil its payment obligations, Moments of Light is entitled to immediately cancel the agreement or stall any future deliveries, until client does fulfil its payment obligations in full with interest and additional cost added to the original outstanding amount.
 11. Cost
 11.1. Beside these general conditions and agreement(s), the client is obliged to pay all (extra) judicial cost for Moments of Light which need to be made to uphold, cancel or to settle claims due to entered agreements of the client.
11.2. Unabated any further rights or claims, the extrajudicial cost will at least be 15% of the principal amount due, respectively the amount on which Moments of Light claims towards client, of vice versa.
12. Warranty discounts and returns.
12.1. Moments of Light guarantees the soundness and normal requirements of usability of the products supplied and the used materials and decent quality.
12.2. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact Moments of Light. Moments of Light will always try to solve these problems in concert with client in the best possible manor.
12.3. If the by Moments of Light delivered products during the in section 7,8 and 10 mentioned period, be made from inadequate or poor-quality, Moments of Light is obliged to deliver a replacement of a similar product, or – by choice of Moments of Light – refund the invoiced amount of the product(s), once the products are returned to Moments of Light.
 12.4. Unabated these general conditions dictate on liability, Moments of Light is never held to retrieve or remunerate in any form of indirect damages caused by replaced product by Moments of Light.
 12.5. The client can only claim any warranty on these general conditions if and once client has met all outstanding payment towards Moments of Light.
 12.6. Every discount as intended in this article, must contain a clear description of the complaint. Discounts brought to our intention in any other way will not be taken into account.
12.7. For further elaboration of the in section 1 and section 3 determined with regards to visible defects, of defects in quantity, seizes and finishing, discounts can only be approved if these defects are reported in writing within fourteen (14) days after delivery of the products to Moments of Light. The client who exceeds this period will be considered to be completely satisfied with the delivered products without any limitations.
12.8. Taking the determined in section 10 into account, client can report discounts for hidden defects within fourteen (14) days after discovery of these defects.
 12.9. Discount do not give the client the right to stall payments of invoices which refer to the relevant products.
12.10. Every claim derived from this article will become expired after three (3) months after the invoice date which related to the delivery of the concerning product on which clients claims a discount, unless specifically agreed otherwise per e-mail or other written manor.
12.11. Unabated other deserved rights, Moments of Light is entitled, if force majeure is present, to make its own choice, to suspend the delivery of product, or cancel the agreement without consultation, and to announce this to client in writing, without claiming any damages towards Moments of Light, unless the circumstances are unacceptable in all reasonableness and fairness. 12.12. Within the term force majeure falls every shortcoming which cannot be put under the accountability of Moments of Light, because Moments of Light is not to blame and isn’t legally or in normal business practice falling under Moments of Light obligations. For instance strikes, illness of staff, disturbances of transport like strikes and import and export blockades, government rulings, moratorium of payments or bankruptcies or any other unforeseen circumstances, regardless if this happens with Moments of Light or  its acting third parties. A shortcoming due to force majeure can lead to discharge of the agreed delivery term and or the whole delivery, without a right to remuneration of damages, cost or interest by client. Moments of Light will immediately warn client if force majeure, as previous described, will happen.
12.13. If force majeure turns out to be definite, both Moments of Light and client can terminate the agreement, partially or whole, via a written statement. Definite force majeure is realized if the duration exceeds four (4) months. Moments of Light nor client can be entitled to a remuneration.
13. Liability
13.1. Barring the common accepted rules of public order in mind, barring the Dutch Civil Code (art. 6:195 BW) with regards to product liability, Moments of Light needs to uphold her obligation to delivery of the product in a satisfactory manor, and bearing in mind the concerning guarantee and discount of the concerning article 12, always is the only and whole compensation and any other form of damages by client are not to relate to Moments of Light.
13.2. Moments of Light  is never liable towards client for damages, cost, and interest due to personal accidents. Moments of Light is never liable towards client for damages, cost or movables, the loss of delivered product, added value due to total or partial becoming of unusable product, both direct and indirect in ownership of the client, concerning damages in any nature, unless client can prove that damages are due to grove negligence of Moments of Light.
 13.3. Moments of Light is never liable for damages towards client if these are inflicted and accountable by own staff of client, third parties, in every circumstance and nature on the by Moments of Light delivered product. This also applies for the liability of third parties based on the legal stipulation concerning product liability.
13.4. Moments of Light does not accept any liability for consequential-, or company damages, indirect damages, missed saving and profitor turnover damages, in any applicable sense, or in any way caused by Moments of Light, unless grove negligence is proven.
 13.5. The client will indemnify Moments of Light for all damages cause by every damage claim by third parties, own staff of client, for damages caused by product delivery by Moments of Light, explicitly included claims based on the legal stipulations with regards to product liability. The client will safeguard Moments of Light for every claim of third parties towards Moments of Light.
 13.6. In the situation the Moments of Light will be addressed by third parties as mentioned and meant in article 5, Moments of Light will reimburse all cost of the legal and other aid, which Moments of Light has to make with regards to this claim, like prosecuting, negotiating, but not limited to. These cost will be estimated to be at least 15% of the claimed damages, not taking any rights away from Moments of Light and taking the actual cost of Moments of Light for Legal aid by client in mind or the possibility for claim the clients legal cost by client.
13.7. Unabated the previously mentioned, Moments of Light is never liable to client for a higher amount than the total amount of the order or agreement between Moments of Light and client, and only taking the order or agreements in account of which the product were part which created the damages.
 13.8. In all cases of which the client has to indemnify Moments of Light, client is bound to respond to the first request of Moments of Light to indemnify Moments of Light of all legal
13.9. The right to claim compensation will expire for all these stipulations and agreements after three (3) months after the invoiced date.
13.10. If Moments of  Light, notwithstanding above mentioned, is liable of any damages, Moments of  Light will only accept liability for the liabilities which are covered in the insurance of Moments of Light and till the maximum amount of payment of the insurer.
13.11 Client is obliged to read the candle care instructions (section 17), before burning a Moments of Light  candle and to execute these instructions when burning a Moments of Light candle. Any damages and claims resulting from neglecting (one or some) candle care instruction(s), are for the responsibility for client and Moments of Light can’t be held accountable.
 If client sells Moments of Light candles to third parties, client is obliged to inform and provide third parties with Moments of Light candle care instructions. In case of neglect, client is responsible for all damages and claims by third parties arising from the neglect of providing and informing third party with candle care instructions.
14. Waiver of right of termination
14.1. The client explicitly waives his right of termination of to claim the order or agreement as mentioned in Article 6:265 BW due to a shortcoming to comply on Moments of Light behalf, unless force majeure applies as mentioned in article 12 as mentioned in these General Conditions
15. Privacy
15.1.The Client give Moments of Light permission to register the use of its private information, according to Dutch Law for person registration, which Moments of Light in her normal practice of the company has obtained and for own use of Moments of Light.
 15.2.Your personal information are submitted in the client database of Moments of Light, with the intent to inform you on interesting developments of Moments of Light and its products. If you wish not to be included in this database, you can send an e-mail to Further use of your personal information is used to execute orders and agreements and risk management. You are entitled to look into your personal information and improve these. These of similar request can be made towards Moments of Light via the above mentioned e-mail address.
16. Applicable Law and Competent Court
16.1. On all obligations, rights, discounts, orders and agreements of these general conditions and in the application of these general conditions, Dutch law is applicable exclusively.
16.2. All differences with regards to or as result of a with Moments of Light closed order or agreement, or confirmation, will be exclusively handled by a competent judge in the jurisdiction of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, regardless any foreign legal stipulation with regards to this article.

  1. Candle Care instructions
    17.1 Client ensures to let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the glass wall to ensure an even melt in future use
    17.2 Client doesn’t burn Moments of Light candle for longer than 3 hours at a time and always ensures wicks remain upright when burning.
    17.3 Client never allows the candle flame or wick to come in contact with the side of the glass and always lights all wicks if applicable.
    17.4 Client keeps wicks trimmed to 5mm prior to each burn.
    17.5 Black residue may transfer if wicks are not trimmed. Client removes any residue with a clean, wet cloth when candle is unlit.
    17.6 Client always sits candle on a stable, fire resistant surface whilst burning
    17.7 Client doesn’t use lid to extinguish candle
    17.8 Clients stops burning the candle when 1cm of wax remains at bottom of glass
    17.9 Client does not move Moments of Light candle when lit.
    17.10 Client ensures candle is extinguished, wax is solid and jar is cold before handling
    17.11 Client always burns candle within sight, never leaves it unattended and avoids burning in crafty areas such as windows or fans.