Moments of Light

LOFT in Arnhem, Apeldoorn & Zwolle

If anyone has guts, it's Lianne. She transformed an old dance academy in Arnhem into a home and interior and gift store LOFT. There are also 2 beautiful branches in Zwolle & Arnhem. A Valhalla of fun, funny, sweet, original gifts and home accessories. But you can also find furniture here. The joy that Lianne has in running this business, radiates from it. 

Who are the faces behind LOFT?
Me, Lianne and my boyfriend Wouter. He mainly does the organizational and financial side, I the ins and outs of the stores, purchasing & styling.

Describe LOFT in 3 words?
Inspiration, passion and love.
(I think this is a tough one haha. 3 words are far too few. I am happy and excited about our girls who make every day a party, happy with happy customers and especially a fine collaboration with passionate people behind our brands).

What is the secret of a good interior?
An interior has to feel good, to fit you. Not everything has to be expensive. Often you can, by putting your own stuff in a different way, suddenly create excitement.  And by adding some accessories you can create something new and beautiful. The most important thing is that the basis is good.


Moments of Light has the ambition to let people share or reflect on beautiful/important moments in life. What is your favorite moment and why?

The Moments of Fuck It!


Describe your ideal day.

Starting with divinely delicious cappuccino in a place that is nice, with people around me that make me happy and joyful. I love my work, so an ideal day also includes that. And I'm not talking about administration and mail, haha. Usually something just arises when I'm on the floor, then the ideas come and at the end of the day we have completely transformed the store together. That is enormously satisfying! In the evening we have a nice dinner with our family and just nothing, together on the couch.

You've got guts! Transforming an old dance academy into a home and store in Arnhem + 2 more beautiful locations in Apeldoorn & Zwolle. What drives you?

I have an endless urge to create, always see possibilities. I also always think that something is so done, so made and nothing takes time. I am very impulsive. And I get energy from people with a passion.


What does the future hold for you?

We are always full of plans, love to create. Although it often remains fantasy and dreams as well. Especially on vacation, wherever we are. Our children are into it too: a store, a hotel, a B&B; we have lots of plans that can still be carried out. We would still like to do an expansion in Zwolle with the furniture, as we now have a FURNITURE DEPARTMENT in Arnhem.

And yes, we still have something we really want, we will keep that a secret for now....

Which experience with LOFT will you never forget?

The moment my friend came home out of the blue and said: "I have rented a building, you have to check it out tomorrow, then you can do your thing, express all your creativity and follow your passion!".
3 months later there was LOFT.

How do people live in the year 3000?

Well, I live in the moment, I don't think ahead that much, actually.

Finally: What is the key to happiness for you?

Health, family, loved ones around me, a good balance between rest and doing everything full of power and abandon, moments of happiness, "all we have is NOW".

Thank you, Lianne!

Take a look yourself? You can find LOFT here:

LOFT Arnhem
Weverstraat 39
6811 EM

LOFT Zwolle
Koningsplein 11
8011 TD

LOFT Apeldoorn
Korenpassage 15-17-19
7311 LZ