Moments of Light

6 self care tips for less stress and more energy

6 Self care tips voor minder stress en meer energie

I'd love to help you make this year the best year ever! 

How? With our tips for your self-care moments. From a new morning routine to creating a home spa: we know what you need to start the new year off right. A month with lots of me-moments including as little stress and as much energy as possible.

Morning ritual from your bed

Do you like to snooze, especially on those cold winter mornings? Why not just start the morning off quietly and perform your morning ritual in your warm bed? Make sure you have your favorite scented candle, lighter, pen and journal on your nightstand by default. Light the candle, open your journal and write down five moments that you are grateful for. Then lie back on your back, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and visualize your day in gratitude, love and joy. Try to lie back for a few more quiet breaths. Then come out of your visualization quietly, sit up straight and blow out the candle, letting go of all your insecurities and doubts. Goodmorning, baby! What a nice way to start the day at your pace.


Memoires Scented Candle Bois de Santal

Golden lining to the dark morning

In winter, it's important to take care of your skin just a little extra. Pamper yourself with our gentle shower foam and get out of the shower every morning with clean and soft skin. And nothing beats the delicious scent of liquid golden honey, created by a renowned perfume house. Perfect for adding a golden touch to the dark mornings in January!

Plan your weekly moment of nothingness

Morning rituals and showers are wonderful, but so are brushing your teeth and being on time in your Zoom call with brushed hair.... That's why it's probably easier to schedule your daily relaxation moment once the kids are in bed and all online appointments are over. Or in other words, our advice is: put a big cross in your calendar on a weeknight and make sure it's sacred. Do not disturb, I'm having my moment of just nothing at all.

Scrub away

Did you know that a good scrub is a must to keep your skin glowing? It removes dead skin cells, stimulates the production of new cells and gives your skin a lovely silky feeling. It is not only a wonderful cleansing - it also stimulates blood circulation and gives you new energy. Our scrub in a bag is perfect for your weekly scrub moment. Wild flowers mixed with honey form a mildly sweet yet gentle scent with the freshness of bergamot to keep the scrub light and fresh. 

Give your home a mini-makeover

The more time you spend in your home, the more it reflects you. And vice versa. Give your home some fresh energy with a nice bunch of fresh flowers or a cozy green plant. Move some of your furniture around and see what it does to the space. Invest in beautiful scented candles, or create a warm and cozy atmosphere with plaids and blankets. We may be a tad biased, but our Memoirs collection has the perfect room spray, scented candle and fragrance diffuser for a breath of fresh air in your apartment. By taking a moment to see your space from a new angle, you'll create an environment that's perfect for you. Just as well during the lockdown. 

A home spa evening

Let's be honest, there is nothing better than a relaxing moment that is all about you. And you don't have to wait until the luxurious spas and health resorts reopen, because creating your own wellness resort is really not that difficult. 

Plan a night off, tell your hubby to do the dishes and put the kids to bed: it's time for you! Yes, you heard right: me, myself and I. Turn your bathroom into your home spa: put on your favorite chill-out music and light your favorite scented candles. Fill your bath with warm, steaming water and pour in some bath salts. A good handful does the trick. Step into the warm bath, let the hot water embrace you and relax. We promise you, after a visit to your own spa, you will be completely relaxed and recharged going into the rest of your week.