Moments of Light

The Extraordinary Thirty-something Entrepreneur Anne-Floor Sinnige

De Bijzondere Dertiger- onderneemster Anne-Floor Sinnige

Anne-Floor (33) is the founder of Moments of Light, a line of luxury scented candles. Each candle represents an important moment to share or to reflect on together. Anne-Floor's ambition is to connect people. Attached to each scented candle, with a golden rubber band, is a beautiful, sweet or bold poem describing the moment - from moments of friendship to moments of fuck it, and everything in between. The ThirtiesClub asks Anne-Floor about the special story behind Moments of Light.

By: Susan Nortier
How did the idea for Moments of Light come about? 
While working at various media companies, I was mainly concerned with sales, and not with content. But I felt the need to work with a product in a more substantive way. At a wedding of a good friend in Thailand we released lanterns to celebrate love. At the same time, we stood together to reflect on other important moments. Later, the seed was planted for my final product: scented candles for important moments to reflect on and share together.

Besides the desire to share important moments through scented candles, what was your biggest motivation in setting up Moments of Light? 
My desire to be an entrepreneur and to turn 'nothing' into 'something'. To develop a product that is beautiful in design but that also has an important value, where aesthetics and meaning come together. In addition, the freedom to control everything myself appeals to me enormously.

Did you also have to deal with setbacks while starting your business? How did you deal with them? 
Of course not everything went according to plan. Initially I had the candles made by ex-homeless people and former addicts of De Regenboog. It seemed like a nice form of social entrepreneurship, a bit idealistic you could call it. In the end it didn't work out, because these people didn't have the same ambitions. Then I had to adjust my plan and I went looking for a 'normal' candle maker...

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