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15 APRIL 2016

De geurkaarsen van Moments of Light zijn een warm en persoonlijk cadeau om te geven. Voor elk moment is een parfum bedacht met een bijpassend gedichtje. Het achterliggende motto: verzamel momenten in plaats van spullen.

Anne-Floor bedacht Moments of Light tijdens een bruiloft in Thailand

An intense wish

The seed for Moments of Light was planted during the wedding of a friend of founder Anne-Floor Sinnige. "He got married in Thailand and we had traveled with fifty people to see him. It was a fun and festive day in a paradisiacal location. At the end, all the guests released a wishing balloon. The atmosphere suddenly changed. There was a tremendous connection. I myself wished that my mother, who had just recovered from cancer, would stay better. Another girl thought of her own mother, whom she had just lost. It was an incredibly beautiful and intense moment to be able to share with everyone," says Anne-Floor.


Candles and moments

"My candle line is linked to certain moments. The first 'the moments I am there for you' candle came about during my mother's illness. Not everyone could find the right words for her situation and this is a beautiful, symbolic way to show that you are there for someone. After that, many more moments that deserved attention arose naturally. For example, do you have someone in your environment who could use a boost? Then give him or her the 'moments of fuck it' as a gift. The idea behind this is that sometimes you just have to go for it, fuck it", laughs Anne-Floor. Or one that we find very funny ourselves: the 'moments of shame', the one moment that you don't want to share with anyone. This candle comes with a little poem for the toilet, complete with matches to quickly rid the room of any unpleasant odors.

SFEER Collectie op marmer

The entrepreneurial dream

Entrepreneurship was always a personal wish of Anne-Floor, but she didn't know in what. Once she returned from Thailand, the idea of doing something with moments slowly arose. When magazine Marie-Claire organized a contest for the best starter, it was now or never. Anne-Floor: "In the end, my business plan made it to the final three. That accelerated my ideas. Because of all the guidance and visibility, it was a stepping stone for my business. By the way, I didn't win, but lost to someone who had come up with a biodegradable coffin. A great idea that deserved the prize twice over."

SFEER kaars op schoot

Packaging with a purpose

While Anne-Floor isn't a goatee sock, she does believe it's important that her products be more than a "giving moment. Therefore, even the packaging of the candles serves a purpose. You can give almost any packing material a second life. For example, the massage candles are in milk jugs, you can use the fabric packaging as a placemat and the poem is of course beautiful on the wall.


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