Moments of Light

Hudson's Bay falls for scented candle by Zwolle's Anne-Floor Sinnige

Top quality scented candles, beautiful packaging and a good story. A product does not have to be super complicated to be successful. This is what Anne-Floor Sinnige (35) from Zwolle experienced. Hudson's Bay fell in love with her 'Moments of light' concept and didn't know how quickly to include it in their range.

She could never have imagined that her path would take her back to her hometown of Zwolle via Groningen, Amsterdam, Thailand and Berlin. But I'm super proud that my line of scented candles Moments of Light will soon be available at Hudson's Bay."

How on earth did you manage that?

Well, it went really smoothly. I regularly go to retail fairs to sell my candles. A while back in Berlin, two Hudson's Bay representatives showed interest. I gave them my card, but didn't expect much, until two weeks later at a trade fair in the Netherlands two ladies approached me again. Whether I wanted to have coffee with them. A few weeks later it was all arranged and I had a first order of 400 pieces in my pocket. The line is sold in all Hudson's Bays. As icing on the cake, I also got to contribute to their Limited Edition series."

Scented candles, where did you come up with them...?

,,Yes special isn't it? I come from a barber's family. My parents still have a barbershop in Heino, so I do have something to do with scents. But my study in Groningen was in a totally different direction: business and marketing. I also worked in that field in Amsterdam. But I always had the feeling that I was missing something. Three years ago everything suddenly came together. At a wedding in Thailand, we lit lanterns for good luck. The atmosphere suddenly became so intense when everyone let go of their deepest wishes. Very special. Not long after that I received a book about candle making and the idea to combine the two came to me. And when I entered a start-up competition for Marie Claire magazine, things suddenly went very quickly. I had to write a business plan and do crowdfunding. I made it to the finals and then, with Marie Claire under my arm, I was able to visit the various retail chains. Moments is now for sale at 150 addresses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, including the Loft in Zwolle."

"Moments of light is a kind of wishing lamp in the shape of a candle. A gift. Beautifully packaged and with an appropriate poem on it. Starting point is an important moment in my life. An example? Moments of fuck it! If you - like me - start a company, at a certain point you have to let go of everything, say 'fuck it', and go for it full force. Not thinking but doing, no room for what, but, if, then. Trust your gut, go for the adventure. In the same way, there are moments of fire, gratitude, silence, etc."

Where will this story end?

,,Pfoe, no idea, but it is growing. By now, my line not only consists of candles, but also bath products, matches and 'poem cards'. The idea that my product makes someone happy, offers support or gives comfort, gives me a lot of satisfaction."

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