Moments of Light

My very first kiss

Mijn allereerste kus

Moments of Light is about dwelling on special memories, unforgettable moments and love stories. I take you back in time to a warm summer day in Zwolle. My memory of my very first kiss....

It was 1994, I was in 8th grade and on a balmy summer day after school, I decided I was ready for my first kiss.

I had a huge crush on my classmate Tommie, 12 years old, just like me. (I also had a crush on Jelmer and Leroy, by the way, but even more on Tommie.)

His red hair, the light freckles, the dimples in his cheeks and his infectious smile gave me butterflies in my stomach. It had been officially "on" for a year, decided at the time via heads or tails.

We often played soccer after school with friends and when the game was over, Tommie and I would sit on the bench together. 

We had already held hands once for a very long time (I can still feel how sweaty they were) during a play at school. That gave me enough confidence, he would definitely want to kiss me too.

It was now going to happen and man, was I nervous.

The thoughts raced through my head. 'Okay, there we are, but what next?' 'Should I bend my head a little towards his face?' 'Should I ask him to kiss me?' 'Maybe hold his hand again?'

'I'll just ask,' I thought. But instead of asking him to kiss me, the words that came out of my mouth were:

"At what age do you think you will kiss for the first time?"

"16," he said.

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