Moments of Light

A breath of fresh air in the home with interior stylist Odyvet


Some like it, some don't. We are at home much more than usual and to really make it a nice place to be is quite an art. But @odyvet has mastered this art very well. We asked her for tips on how to make your home a party.

  1. Always try to start your day with positive thoughts and thinking in terms of possibilities. You may not see this immediately in your home, but it helps to create a nice atmosphere. What goes along with this? Music! From classical to Ibiza Lounge. "Whenever I feel like a certain mood, I put on music," says Dr. Haley. And believe me, that makes such a difference
  2. A house is still a house, so don't set it up as an office. Even if you live small, try to make it something cozy. Nice trays for paperwork, don't buy a traditional desk but get yourself an old table, paint it a nice color and make sure there is plenty of green in your workspace
  3. Air your home every day! And keep it tidy.
  4. And after airing? Light a luxurious scented candle or spray with a delicious room spray. A house should always be fresh and smell good. Odyvet's favorite products? The diffuser, room spray and luxury scented candle from the Memoires collection!
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  5. Always try to dress fresh and do your hair. This helps tremendously to create a positive feeling at home.
  6. Make it an experience at home! You can invite someone over, so do this! Invite your best friend and do something extra. With a fun movie, snacks or popcorn, you can have a great home theater night. Or how about a night of restaurant games? It doesn't have to be difficult, just light some candles while you eat and try to make a dish like you would eat in your favorite restaurant!