Moments of Light

Glamour visits Moments of Light

Anne-Floor Sinnige is founder of the brand Moments of Light. She sells luxury scented candles that are linked to special moments through personal poems. The candles are enriched with the most delicious scents from a renowned perfume house.

How did you come up with the idea?

"I was at a wedding in Thailand with some close friends. It was the middle of the night and we were standing on a hill. After the party went wild with great music and popping fireworks, we let wish lanterns up in the air. The exuberant atmosphere turned to a soothing, serene atmosphere. I looked around after I made my wish and realized that it feels so good to share and reflect on important moments. And that happened simply through the power of a little warmth and light. I only realized later that in that moment, Moments of Light was actually born."

Why did you want to create this product?

"Apart from the wonderful scents and the fine ingredients we use, giving a scented candle creates a special moment between the giver and the receiver. Perhaps a smile, a moment of inspiration or a feeling of gratitude. The positive texts bring people closer together. If I can contribute to that, I think that's very nice."

What are the most important lessons about entrepreneurship you've learned so far?

"Make sure you make the most of your own talents. That's where you make the difference. And also accept help from others, even if you can't afford them. Without my boyfriend, sister, parents, aunt and best friend, I would never have come this far. They are always there for me. Furthermore, it is important to dare to take risks if you want to grow and it is good to set goals. Without focus you won't get anywhere."

What are your ambitions, what do you dream of?

"I would like to expand internationally with collections that make customers happy, for example with a bath & body line in 2016. I would love it if our products were also available in America and Australia within a few years."