Moments of Light

Moments of Light goes Ibiza with Mieroesja peeperkoorn


Expansion for Moments of Light with Miroesja Peeperkoorn as 'representative local' in Ibiza.

The encounter...

A few years ago I walked into the department of my future colleagues at the newspaper METRO. Between five men sat one girl with a huge bunch of beautiful curls. She had on the same boots as me.

And then...

Four months of working with her turned out to be enough for a friendship lasting years despite a physical distance of 2,000 kilometers. She left for Ibiza.

And now...

Miroesja is writing her first book. She is also a model and responsible for Moments of Light on Ibiza.

She has already landed her first client: The famous Atzaro Agroturismo sells the Moments of Light scented candles in their Spa Shop.

Time for a few questions to one of my biggest inspirations. 

You've been living in Ibiza for a few years now, what brought you there?
An old camper, bought in Friesland, with almost two tons on the counter. 
The idea of living in more relaxation and with more sun was basically from my half-Spanish friend. 

Top 3 favorite hang-outs in Ibiza?

Niu Blau Beach: around the corner from us, where we work out several mornings a week and then cool off in the sea. 

Beach House: here I just have to dance with my feet in the sand every now and then! 

Agroturismo Atzaro: Far away from civilization, surrounded by an orange grove, lies the centuries-old family-finca Atzaró.  The atmosphere and tranquility that this place exudes encapsulates what Ibiza means to me.




An oasis of calm, where the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and lavender contribute to an ultimate feeling of relaxation. 

This idyllic spa is a mix of Ibiza, Africa and Asia.
Atzaró is popular and has been buzzed about for years as the best spa on the island.

What is your fondest memory of the island so far?
That's hard to choose, but I think it was receiving my 88-year-old grandmother. She has never flown in her life, but she went to see what her granddaughter was doing here. The pride in her eyes is amazing to see. 

The Moments of Light Collection consists of different 'moments' that you want to share or reflect on yourself. What is your favorite and why?
My favorite is definitely the Fuck it moment! Decisions made from this principle (letting go of fear; hoppa out of that comfort zone) provide the most growth for yourself and inspiration for those around you. 

In conclusion, what is the key to happiness?
For me, it is: being open to experiencing that moment of gratitude every day where my lower belly glows and a smile appears on my face.
Thank you Miroesja! 
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