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About us

Instead of specific scents of flowers or herbs, we create moments. Moments you want to share with others or to enjoy just by yourself. Every candle comes with a poem that describes a moment and is enriched with the most delicate and elegant scents from a renowned parfum house. 

Interview with founder Anna


Can you tell me about Moments of Light?

My ambition is to bring people closer together by sharing important moments in life, the good ones, the difficult one, the romantic ones, the silent ones...all moments matter. When you look back on life, the shared moments with people you love is what makes it worth.
It is the first scented candle brand connected to moments.

How did you came up with the idea? 

LAMPANG,THAILAND, 00:32 - 1st of JANUARY 2014

I hold it, just for another second. When I feel the lantern has enough strength to take over, I flex my finger and there it goes. Gently, floating in the air. The golden light contrasts fiercely against the black of the night.
As I try to follow the lantern, it joins the dozens of other lights and disappears in this big calm dark ocean with no end. It seems like space doesn't exist. As if time doesn't exist. As if everything is as it should be.

I look around. Peacefully, satisfied and happy.
We are with 50 guests. Standing on a green hill, somewhere in the North of Thailand, at the wedding of my Dutch friend. Today, he married his long time Tai girlfriend. We danced the whole night. Just until a couple of minutes ago, when we counted down the seconds to celebrate the New Year. Now...everybody is staring at the sky. Hoping the wishes they send off with the wish lantern will come true.

Love is in the air.

I wish my sister will get better soon. I think of my dear father and mother, my boyfriend…
My two best friends are standing next to me. I see tears rolling down their faces.
With the three of us, we plate another wish lantern. I realize how beautiful it is to sharevimportant moments with each other. And the impact of just a little bit of warmth and light canvbe huge. The seed for my own scented candle brand 'Moments of Light' was planted. 

What happened next?

I thought: Fuck it, let's go for it!
After 8 years, working for newspapers and magazines, I was ready for a brand new start. Being an entrepreneur had been a dream and I was exited to make it come true.

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