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Daily Poetry in Den Bosch

Anyone walking through the Vughterstraat in Den Bosch will not easily miss it. 'Daily Poetry' is written in white letters on the window of this creative living room full of interior treasures. But who are behind this wonderful concept?

We, Britt (24) and Sander (27) really started Daily Poetry as a couple. Sander had already graduated from the Leisure Management course and we had the idea to start something great together for some time. We are both quite impatient people and also think that sometimes you just have to do things! Not waiting for the right moment, until you can or know everything perfectly. Because that time never actually arrives. And you mainly learn by doing.


We actually wanted to start a webshop but then we heard about the Urban Shopper at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Then it actually went quite well right away and we rented a larger space in the Urban Shopper. Then a year later we opened a second location in Den Bosch! 

What does Daily Poetry stand for?

We actually started Daily Poetry to teach ourselves something. Daily Poetry is all about enjoying the little things in life. And that we sometimes don't see them, but they are there every day. Take a moment to stand still and not just run in this busy time in which we live. We try to make a small contribution with our products to these nice moments. So a nice magazine to read in quietly, pens and notebooks to write down your dreams, to send someone an old-fashioned card or the table at which you have nice meals.

What does the future hold for you?

In any case, we do not always want to strive for more, we are now very satisfied with where we are. Of course we always want to keep renewing the stores, that will remain an endless process. What makes it so much fun. We have only been open for six months in Den Bosch, so we are going to set up this store properly first. We first want to do the current very well, before we start implementing new plans. 

You sell a lot of interior items, what does your dream home look like? And where does it say?

Actually, we both dream of a farm in nature with many animals. We think it is very important to live close to friends and family, so I think it would be in pleasant Brabant. For now we secretly already live in our dream house. It sits above our shop and is very old. It has high ceilings, lots of light and a very large roof terrace. Fortunately, we also have the same taste in interior design, we both love weathered and used furniture. And it is not furnished according to all trends, but very intuitive.


Moments of Light's ambition is to let people share or reflect on beautiful moments. What is your favorite moment and why?

The night when you don't even realize it's getting dark because you're chatting and eating with friends. Good food, wine with it, the animals are lazing a bit. Delicious!

What experience with Daily Poetry will you never forget?

The moment we opened our second store was such an experience. The fact that you walk downstairs and open the doors and realize that we invented and created this all by ourselves, I think that is quite special.

Besides partners in crime for Daily Poetry, are you also Lovebirds, do's and don'ts for people who want to take the same step?

Never start haha! No, I think you should know very well what you are both good at and divide the tasks accordingly. We also only work together 1 or 2 days a week and the rest of the week we are both in a different store. I think that also gives a lot of space and tranquility. And it makes a difference that we generally have the same taste and often agree with each other!

Would you like to shop there sometime?
This is the address of Daily Poetry in Den Bosch:

Vughterstraat 72
5211 GK
Den Bosch 

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