Moments of Light

TOP 3: Nomination MOMENTS for Marieclaire Starters Award

MOMENTS has been nominated by the Marieclaire Starters Award for a place in the finals out of more than 100 submissions:

"The jury was very charmed by MOMENTS 'passionate business plan. They thought it looked neat and tidy and the storytelling within the plan was very appealing: you don't buy the candle, you buy the moment". 

Together with 2 other starting entrepreneurs, MOMENTS will be fighting for the coveted title and the fantastic prize package for the next 2 months, consisting of:

- € 5,000 starting capital
- Summum woman selected by Marie Claire wardrobe
- Clark's shoes for a year
- Balmain Watch, Elysées Lady Round, worth € 995
- One year of coaching at the entrepreneur platform EFactor
- Masterclass Online Marketing Strategy at Nyenrode Business University.

- A LinkedIn Premium account & Personal Seminar for a year at the head office in Amsterdam

The winner is chosen by the jury based on the business plan, the number to vote of Marieclaire readers and the total amount donated via crowdfunding for the companies.

Who donates through crowdfunding can be the first to receive candles from the MOMENTS collection. 

MOMENTS desperately needs your vote and donation. Every contribution is greatly appreciated. 

The winner will be announced on September 15.