Moments of Light

Copy-paste a sin or a feast?

I blink my eyes 2 times; The Ritual of Light, am I reading that right? It looks suspiciously like Moments of Light, but I can't believe it will have anything to do with each other. I go to investigate further; on their website, I see the white light dots of wishing lanterns floating across the dark background of the screen. Just like a picture on my site. 

I think back to the New Year's Eve of 2013 to 2014. The night I stood with my girlfriends in Thailand at a good friend's wedding. After an evening of celebration, we left wish lanterns up at noon. A moment to reflect on all that had happened recently, a moment to be thankful for those who are close and I think of my family. I am so incredibly happy that they are still here and I look around me.

The elated party atmosphere has turned to a serene mood. I see all the people on that hill, in the middle of nowhere, following their lantern into the pitch black clear night and reflecting on what is important to them. It is so beautiful to share moments like this with each other. And to do so simply through warmth and light.

The seed for Moments of Light has been planted. Upon returning home, I start a scented candle line Moments of Light. A collection based on moments that you want to share with each other or that you want to reflect on yourself, such as love, friendship, gratitude, silence ...

In front of me is the Winter Magazine of The Ritual of Light and I read the editorial of Rituals CEO and founder Raymond Cloosterman. He writes that it's all about meaningful moments, love and friendship. I don't know whether to feel copied or honored, but I choose the latter because I completely agree with him.

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