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Massage candle 'Moments of Love'


Massage Candle Moments of Love
Massage Candle Moments of Love Massage candle 'Moments of Love'

Ohh la-la...
This is the perfect gift for your lover.

You pour the wax from the ceramic holder directly onto the your skin.
It feels absolutely incredible, and makes an instant, seriously romantic massage oil, not to
mention a very luxurious body moisturizer.

What's in it
Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E

How to use?
- Light the candle
- After +/- 15 minutes the wax transforms into massage oil
- Feel if the temperature is pleasant by pouring it first in the palms of your hand. If it's too hot, let it cool off a little bit
- Pour directly on the skin for a massage

Shipped on the same day on orders placed before 15:00 hours